Sleepy? Stop right now

The Basics

Sleepy? Stop right now

I am a human. I feel sleepy. A ride takes a toll on the human body, so you must respect it. Whenever I have been on rides, here is what I have done to stay fresh, no matter where I am 
  1. Washed my face and neck 
  2. Drank Juices, tea, buttermilk or coffee
  3. Stretching exercises
  4. Eaten energy bars 
  5. Had a heavy, low-oil snack
Whenever I was really sleepy, I took a short break. Sometimes, a powernap on the tank of your bike is all you need. 

If you are sleepy, your reflexes will get slowed down. You will not see kids suddenly run onto the road. You will over-anticipate your braking and that mess up your judgment.

In any case, sleep isn't something to be trifled with. It is not an enemy for bikers. It is THE number one reason why people should sleep well a day before, or during a night halt, when on a ride.

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