Safety feels good

Safety feels good

While on a ride, you will come across all kinds of drivers. Some may drive too fast, while others may overtake you from the left. Some may honk a lot, and some will break for no reason.  Here's how to tackle most kinds of drivers on the road.

First 5

  1. Stay Calm.
  2. Clean your mirrors all the time
  3. Look over your shoulder while
  4. Bikers are nearly invisible to car drivers, so there's that
  5. Honk and flash your pass lights every time you want to overtake

The Next 5

  1. While overtaking, make sure at least one lane is open
  2. Trucks and buses have huge blind spots, so don't linger near them for too long
  3. Don't use your auxiliary lights in City traffic as it blinds other motorists
  4. Ride only as fast as you can brake
  5. When in doubt, throttle it out

After the next 5

  1. Give ample space to rickshaws, share taxis and public transport vehicles
  2. If you come across a rash rider or driver, slow down and let him or her overtake you
  3. Never overtake from the left
  4. Never ride on the extreme edge of a flyover
  5. If you hit a pothole, ride it out, and don't brake

The Last but not the least 5

  1. Always assume that everyone else on the road is deaf, dumb and blind
  2. Never block the path of an emergency/police/military vehicle
  3. The law is on your side, remember that
  4. People don't want to crash into you on purpose, so BEHAVE
  5. If you have had a close call, take a break, but continue riding! 

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