No Pain Rides

No Pain Rides

No, you don't need to be ripped to ride
Riding a motorcycle involves the upper and lower body in what is called a stressed endurance posture. The load on the spine is massive, leading to premature spinal issues in a number of motorcyclists. To combat these aches and pains, here are a few things you can do 

The Basics

  1. Weight is your biggest enemy, so keep it under check 
  2. Put in as much exercise as you can on days that you're not riding
  3. The best is cycling, but swimming, jogging and sports help as well
  4. A few stretches, especially for the thighs and shoulders before you set off for a ride
  5. While buying a bike, buy one that allows your feet to touch the ground, at all times
  6. Listen to your body, always
  7. Don't get into the habit of binge-eating, whether on or off the ride

While On A Ride

  1. Sleep on a flat surface
  2. Elevate your feet when you halt for the night when on a ride lasting for days
  3. Hydrate while riding, as that helps you remain fit
  4. Don't mess with the handlebar, as that will lead to severe wrist, shoulder, neck, thigh and back pain.
  5. Use a lumbar support, as often as you can 
  6. Shoes with ankle support should be used

While At Work

  1. When at work or at home, get up and stretch your neck, wrists and shoulders every 2-3 hours
  2. Use stress balls to strengthen your fingers and wrists while not riding
  3. If you experience body pain, sip an energy drink
  4. If you get joint pain, try Relispray
  5. If that is accompanied by cold sweat and the chills, you're having a fever. Time for a Metacin

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