Just ride. Nothing more. Nothing less

I am a motorcyclist with a passion to travel across the world. I work for an MNC to earn a living and support my family. I lead a simple life and believe in the simplicity of it.I never dreamt of being one but had a desire to learn to ride a motorcycle at least once. However, once I started riding, I fell in love with it. Combined with the travel bug in me, I started touring around the country whenever time and money permitted me to do so.

What and why do I ride ?

I chose my Honda CBR 250 because when I calculated things like maintenance, mileage, wear and tear replacements, quality of the engine, etc, I found it to be quite practical, affordable, apt for my purpose of riding, comfortable and dependable. Although the cost was a bit high while buying it, I have not spent too much on maintaining it for all the years that I have owned it. I haven't come across one as yet that could replace my current one. But maybe a higher CC bike which would be at least 90% closer to what I currently own in terms of being a practical buy.

My most memorable ride would be?

The ride across my beautiful country covering all 29 States and 5 Union Territories.

A piece Advice to fellow ladies/girls on choosing a new bike

Do not go by hearsay. Taking opinions are good, but I would suggest that one should take a test ride of the bike they wish to buy, see how comfortable they are on it, maintenance aspect, engine life, the purpose for which they will be using it. These are some of the main things but there may be other aspects too.

What About Safety?

My head is more important than style. If I live, I can enjoy my life to its fullest and my helmet helps me do so.

A message for riders

Be brave be proud, but not foolishly. This goes for all - men and women.
I often see people riding carelessly without paying heed to anyone passing by or honking or signalling them to set aside. You are a traveller just as the others when you are on the road. The road does not know the gender.
Please wear helmets (full faced) to protect your head completely.
Follow traffic rules, know them too.
Please wear safety gears as far as possible. Make it a habit right from the time you start learning to ride and trust me; you shall not regret it ever.
Do not get provoked by someone trying to race you or irritate you by their actions


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