“The best friends are made around motorcycles”

My Mother

She is my support system. The very reason that I am in this world today.

She has stood by me through all odds. Never discouraged me from doing what I wanted to. Even if it was a pitfall, she would always advise me to assess the situation and then take a decision accordingly.

When I started riding my motorcycle, she never discouraged me from doing so. When I met with an accident, she didn't ask me to retrace my steps or stop riding. She just careful next time. When others were negative about it and tried to influence her into asking me to stop riding my motorcycle, all she said was "She is my daughter. She will do what's best for her. I shall not throw my decision on her. If she wishes to ride, she will else she will stop"

When I failed at any point in time, she would just pull me up and push me to try again till I succeeded in it. She taught me never to look back and just move forward.

Her motivation and strength are what I always look up to in the best and worst of times.

Mr. Lalit Parmar

A man determined to achieve what he sets his mind on. Someone who has not learnt to give up ever, no matter what happens. He is one of my pillars and without him, I wouldn't have stood up this high nor would I have achieved anything much or gone thus far. He loves adventure and travelling. He conducts treks, overnight camping events, corporate events, etc. apart from working in an organisation as a full time employee. His enthusiasm to live every second of life to the fullest is not an easily achievable task. He pushes me to my limits thus making me achieve tougher goals and most difficult tasks. He is not fond of being in the limelight but wants me to be in it all the while.